Our Impact

In 2017 the Catz Charity Foundation supported the following organizations:

Blessed Generation, with whom the CCF has a long-standing relationship. This foundation helps nearly 800 children and young adults. Blessed Generation works with the local population as much as possible, providing food, medicine and education.

In partnership with the foundations Mirjam in Malawi and The Art of Charity the CCF funded the Food for life project, in which farmers are trained to grow maize in a way that gives a much larger yield than the traditional way.

The Leprazending foundation, which provides care to leprosy patients in the medical, social and mental fields. With the help of the CCF 12 young people receive access to education so that they will have the knowledge and skills to provide for themselves in the future.

The Beautiful Kidz Namibia foundation, which commits itself to the poorest children in Namibia. Education is central to this. The CCF contributed to emergency aid for the Beautiful Kidz centre in Ovitoto. A bakery has been set up that provides daily fresh bread.

Foundation Madalief, an organization that aims to offer the poorest children in Madagascar a better future. With the help of CCF a project was set up on school canteens in public schools. Around 300 children are provided with healthy meals on a daily basis.

Hands of Mercy, a foundation that provides assistance through support with relief supplies to adults and children in difficult circumstances. The CCF funded one of the transports to Romania.